Dump anybody who was bad for your 2015 now

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Pilatoanybody who was bad for your 2015 now! Don’t carry them with you into 2016. Leave them here. If they were not good enough for your past, they won’t be of use in your future. From all the corners of the world, people are getting ready to usher in the new year. In the churches, monasteries, mosques, synagogues and every temple and shrine, you’d find people on their knees praying for a better new year, and offering thanks for 2015. I believe the single most important prayer one can pray at the end of the year, is a prayer of gratitude. No matter how tough the year was, you survived. That alone is enough. And then after you’ve said thank you, pray for the strength and courage to forgive those who hurt you, betrayed you, exploited you, abused you, misread you, underpaid you or even tried killing you. After you forgive, pray for the courage to confront and break through systematic and self-imposed limitations. You have greatness in your stars, unleash it in 2016. from Us.

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