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rajThe Ventriglias (Italian Mafias) together with Sakwiba Sikota S.C., in cahoots with Zachariah Muya are getting very desperate and frustrated after their scam to have Dr. Mahtani prosecuted on account of the much sensationalized Share Transfer Forms failed. On or about the 20th day of November, 2015 the High Court quashed the Acting DPP’s decision to prosecute Dr. Mahtani at the instance of the Ventriglias (Antonio Ventriglia, Manuela Sebastiani Ventriglia, Claudio Ventriglia, Daniel Ventriglia and Valerio Ventriglia) and their politically motivated accomplices.
Having failed to corruptly engineer Dr. Mahtani’s prosecution, the Ventriglias fraudulently tempered with PACRA records through their lawyer Zachariah Muya using a named junior officer in Kitwe. However, PACRA through its Registrar swiftly thwarted the illegal move and restored the status quo. The matter was also reported to the Anti Corruption Commission and investigations are underway.
The Ventriglias are well known for corruption, money laundering and mafia antics. Recently, they had contemptuously attempted through their lawyer to intimidate and undermine a Judge of the Supreme Court by authoring and sneaking a “secret” letter to the Judge over the ongoing ZPC shareholding wrangle. The Judge found their lawyer guilty of contempt and sternly warned him. The judge said lawyer Muya deserved severe punishment but because he apologised profusely for his criminal misconduct, the judge leniently decided to just reprimand him but warned that in future he might be jailed for such unethical and criminal conduct and possibly be removed as legal practitioner. (see attached court ruling containing the reprimand)
Despite the hullabaloo by the Ventriglias, the said Share Transfer Forms were signed on 12th December, 2006. However, the parties on their own accord decided to revisit the transaction, and on 26th February, 2007 a Shareholders’ Agreement (duly notarized)was signed by all the Ventriglias which confirms that Finsbury Investments Limited owns 58% of the shareholding of ZPC. This has never been disputed by the Ventriglias and Affidavits have been sworn to this effect by them.
What is of interest is that Clause 1 of the said Shareholders’ Agreement reads, “This Shareholders’ Agreement supercedes all such Agreements prior to the executed date of this Agreement and supercedes the Articles of ZPC.”
Recent fraudulent activities of the Ventriglias (Italian Mafias) and their accomplices shall be displayed before the public shortly. Watch this space!