FDD to go solo, wont enter into any alliance

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NawakwiThe opposition Forum for Democratic Process has disclosed that it will not enter into any alliance ahead of the August 2016 general elections.
FDD Spokesman Antonio Mwanza revealed that the FDD will approach the elections as a single party.

He said the party is not interested in alliances that are only aimed at removing the ruling PF from power.

Mr Mwanza said the FDD will only consider alliances that will touch on the core of the need for social and economic transformation of Zambia.

He said it will not help Zambians by simply removing a group of men and women in the PF and replacing them with a new set of people without a clear set of ideology to benefit the people.

Mr Mwanza said the FDD has confidence in the strengthen of its structures across the party to deliver victory in the general elections.

One Response to FDD to go solo, wont enter into any alliance

  1. Antonio I like the tenacity which you and Edith have shown over the years, 2016 general elections will not be easy, as we are dealing with many of our brothers and sisters who cannot analyze issues critical. Yes it is a democratic to chose the path of Rambo, but for the sake of Zambia, it will be prudent to seek those of like mind and work out a compromise, am not talking about compromising ideologies here, but agreeing to disagree.

    The 50+1 threshold is a crucial element in this election.

    Patrotic Man
    February 6, 2016 at 12:31