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MilesDEMOCRATIC Front leader Miles Sampa has charged that the party
is now the fastest growing in Zambia since it was formed last month.
And Mr Sampa says he is not bothered by Saturday’s rally organized by the ruling PF Matero constituency describing the action as desperate.
Mr Sampa said the DF is proving very attractive to many Zambians since it was launched because it is the only party with the realistic strategy of empowering the local people.
He alleged that the PF on the other hand is now losing popularity at an alarmingly fast rate.
Mr Sampa was speaking in Lusaka on Tuesday when he featured on a live special radio programme on Hot FM.
“The PF is now very unpopular. It is losing popularity like butter on a tarmac. It is simply evaporating whilst on the other hand; the DF is the fastest growing political party in Zambia. We are receiving thousands of defectors every day,’ Mr Sampa said.
He started that he decided to dump the PF in order to create a new youth political revolution that will put he the youth at the centre of national develop.
“The DF is offering a revolution and a platform for the youths. Youths in Zambia have been short-changed for a very long time. The DF is going to have 50 percent of positions reserved for youths and a further 50 percent for women,” he said.
Mr Sampa said criticism that he is too ambitious and too young do not hold water saying there a number of countries being run by youthful leaders citing Canada where a youthful leader was recently elected.
Mr Sampa said he did not abandon the PF because of perceived frustrations arising from the fact that President Edgar Lungu did not give him a full cabinet position.
“For me I don’t bother about positions. Remember even late President Michael Sata did not appoint me into his cabinet but I continued to serve as Deputy Minister. I didn’t get into politics for positions but to serve the Zambian people,” he said.
He was rubbished sentiments that he does not have the moral authority to criticise the PF because he was part and parcel of the PF administration from 2011 and until recently when he quit.
“I was a passenger in PF. I served as Deputy Minister and as you know Deputy Ministers are mere Chola Boys as decision are made by cabinet. It is like I was in a bus and I was merely “gonenaling”, (hitchhiking). I left the PF because I noticed that the bus was heading in the wrong direction and in jumped out. It’s like the direction was Kafue and then you notice that the bus is in fact heading to Kafue, you jump out.”
He also stated that he is so popular in Matero that he will not even need to campaign in the area for the August general elections.
Mr Sampa said he is not bothered by Saturday’s rally organised by the ruing PF Matero constituency describing the action as desperate.
“Most of those people were bused from all constituencies in Lusaka to create an impression that people have turned against me, I just laughed it off because my people, the genuine people of Matero came to tell me that they are still with me.”
He added, “I am not even losing any sleep over that rally. Matero is the hub of Don’t Kubeba. They can do all they want but the people know who Miles is and they know what we have done for them in that area.”
Source: Lusaka Times