MMD Should align itself with PF-Mbita Chitala

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Derick_CHitalaFOUNDING member of the MMD, Mbita Chitala has said the former ruling party should align itself with the Patriotic Front (PF) ahead of the August 11, general election.
Dr Chitala said in an interview yesterday that the proposed alliance between the MMD and PF should be realised for the mutual benefit of both political parties.

“My position on this matter is that the MMD and its leader Nevers Mumba should heed the advice of Paramount Chief Chitumukulu that the alliance with the PF is the right way to go.

“I see nothing wrong with the two parties merging ahead of the elections, but, the challenge is for the MMD leadership to appreciate the wisdom of the elders,” Dr Chitala who once served as MMD deputy national secretary said.

Dr Chitala, who also served as State House and Finance deputy minister, also called for unity and co-existence in the former ruling party.

He said while people in a democratic dispensation had the right to possess and disseminate opposing views, the factions in MMD should co-exist for the sake of peace.

“Everyone has the right to hold an opposing view but the challenge for the aggrieved parties is to reach consensus and move on,” Dr Chitala said.