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timor-ceoJust like they have been hired here in Zambia by the Lungu regime, Timor Consulting was hired in Costa-rica to “manage” the election process in which the Country [Costa Rica] saw the emergence of an unsuspected candidate taking the lead.

Timor Consulting was present from the beginning of Campaigns and analysed the whole process up until the poll day.

“On Sunday February 2nd, 2014, Costa Rica went to the ballot box to elect a new President and members of the 57-seat Legislative Assembly. Defying all the pre-election predictions and polls, rank-outsider Luis Guillermo Solis won the most votes, closely followed by the long-time front-runner Johnny Araya. With neither candidate attaining the 40% required for a first-round victory, a run-off will be held between the two in early April.” reads the introduction on the political update on their website.

They are proud of their work by even stating it in the introduction, “Defying all pre-election predictions and polls, rank-outsider (or unexpected) Luis Guillermo Solis won the most votes…” and this is the very reason they are here in Zambia. Lungu has hired Timor to employ tactics that will defy election predictions and polls.

It is clear that the PF are losing this election, and this has made Lungu to turn from “humble servant of the people” to the biggest Tyranny ever to rule the people of Zambia.

In analyzing the Costa Rica results, Timor confirms that it wasn’t errors that made the unlikely candidate to win but that “something changed between the final polling and election day”.

“…However, in a situation like this when all the research houses were so far off the eventual result, it seems unlikely that it was caused simply by errors; more likely is that SOMETHING CHANGED between the final polling and election day.” says Timor Consulting.

What could have possibly happened on this final day?? For example, we all know that FDD is a candidate for the election, and we know that they cannot get 50% of the votes by August…then on 11th August, you hear that FDD has won the election with PF coming in second and UPND third. That is what Timor can do.

This time around, it is known that the 27,000 votes that PF won by are all gone already. It is common knowledge that the PF have lost popularity a great deal. It is not questionable, PF will lose the elections if they do not rig. Timor is here to change figures for them on the “final polling day”…and for this, PF has paid heavy amounts of money to Timor.

Your fate as Zambians will be decided by an Israeli woman by the name of Adi Timor, the CEO of Timor Consulting, if we do not all stand together for their exit! Adi Timor is a threat to our democracy.