Mutati tips govt on economy recovery

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Mutati3-1024x576Former Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Felix Mutati has encouraged government to reach out to people with experience on bringing the economy back on track.
Mr. Mutati says when the MMD left government in 2011, the inflation rate was in single digit, the exchange rate was around K3.7 and the country’s economy was performing well.
Mr. Mutati says there is nothing wrong for government to reach out to experts in various fields asking for help saying Zambia belong to all the people who are also concerned with the happenings in the country.
He recalls that the first speech given by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda in parliament, he acknowledged that the PF Government inherited a strong economy but that it has been destroyed resulting in high cost of living.
Mr. Mutati says the blame game by the PF that the MMD Government is to blame for all these misfortunes should not be tolerated as the previous government left a solid economy.