State House Press Aide Amos Chanda Must Be Arrested & Charged for Corrupt Dealings Immediately after 11th August, 2016…

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Nchandaow it is clear that Edgar Lungu deliberately incubates corruption at State house. Without doubt, statehouse is now a harbinger of the corrupt barons and the likes of Amos Chanda have taken advantage of the existent loopholes and weaknesses. The likes of Amos Chanda have transformed into small millionaires today simply because they have the license to steal, kill and destroy. Today, Amos Chanda is dinning with all sorts of criminal elements who are pushing for business interests and the chap is there to facilitate because he is pocketing thousands of Dollars through the same arrangements. In the past, we have warned stakeholders in the governance process not to be deceived by Amos Chanda’s humble demeanor from a distance. This is because he is the centre of the so- called state house corruption. Without doubt, this guy is only surviving on the back of a cowardly Anti-Corruption Commission which he himself is on record to have intimidated. There are a whole lot of corrupt business dealings that Amos is engaging in all because he holds the position of press aide at State house. The guy even has the audacity to make tall sorts of commitments to corrupt business people. While some people are beginning to say Lungu is increasingly pushing Amos away from the corridors of power, it is also true that Amos has made the habit of speaking to Lungu to favor some business interests of people who bribe him lucratively.
The much reported issues of Amos writing letters regarding Timor Consulting and the antics played on Lewis Mosho’s STAG Energy deal are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the deep seated corruption that Amos Chanda is engaged in. There is a lot more business interests that Amos has dipped his fingers into. Even investigating agencies are well aware of the fact that Amos has gone as far as being on the payroll for some business men who he helps with acquiring government favors from time to time. This is very deep corruption we are talking about here. Watch out for more on Amos Chanda’s corruption later today.