Miles Sampa kicked out of the Orange Alliance

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MilesDemocratic Front President Miles Sampa has been ejected from the Orange Alliance where he was serving as President.
The development was disclosed by Orange Alliance Chairman and NAREP leader Elias Chipimo who explained that Mr Sampa and the Democratic Front are no longer members of the Orange Alliance.

On January 29 2016, the Democratic Front, NAREP and the Fourth Revolution announced the formation of the Orange Alliance with the aim of kicking PF out of power.

The Alliance has however failed to gain popularity on the Zambian political scene especially after Mr Sampa’s registration of the DF was overturned by the Registrar of Societies.

“The Orange Alliance hereby informs the nation that Mr Miles Sampa and the DF are no longer part of the Orange Alliance following the developments surrounding the disputes between the DF and the Pf over the registration of the DF,” Mr Sampa said.

He added, “This matter is now tied up in court Supreme, Mr Miles hereby ceases to be the Orange Alliance President. All Alliance business should now be addressed to the Alliance Chairman at the Alliance Secretariat.”