PF has sunk Zambia

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NawakwiOpposition FDD leader Edith Nawakwi has charged that the ruling Patriotic Front has managed to sink the country in its almost five-year rule.
And Mrs Nawakwi has ruled out any possibilities of entering into a political alliance ahead of the August elections saying alliances do not work in Zambian politics.

She stated that everything that could go wrong has gone wrong under the PF rule.

Mrs Nawakwi said the Maize shortages in most parts of the country is symptomatic of the failure of the PF administration.

The FDD leader was speaking this morning when she featured on a live radio programme on Lusaka’s Millennium Radio.

“The PF has sunk the country. Because of their mismanagement, they have the Maize at FRA. We warned these guys. FRA agents are friends of politicians in government and they are the ones who have been exporting the Maize to our neighbouring countries,” Mrs Nawakwi said.

She added, “It’s not wrong to export the crop but leadership demands that people in Government should know that they are lean years and bumper years and that is why we have silos. Leaders should ensure that they secure the Maize for strategic use first before they export.”

Mrs Nawakwi said the Maize shortage is a clear confirmation that the PF has completely failed to manage the country’s affairs.

She said it is folly that the PF through Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda has continued disputing reports of Mealie meal shortages when the whole country can see that the shortage is worsening.

“It’s like your children are sleeping hungry and you are saying you are rich man. This Government found the mealie meal selling at K35 per Kg when they took over Government in 2011 but it is now at K150 per K25 in some places like Nakonde and in some places like Chipata and Central province, it is now becoming difficult to just sight a bag of mealie meal,” she said.

“If there is enough Maize, let us see it. This whole Mealie meal scandal means there is a failure in the management of government. We don’t have to drum up the fact that Edgar has failed, his failure is felt in every home and in every classroom. Our stomachs can tell us when we have enough food. People have started taking shifts in having meals in some households. So sad,” Mrs Nawakwi said.

She added, “Why should a mother going to deliver in George Compound clinic be asked to carry Jik, gloves and pegs to tie the Umbilical cord and you still think you have a Government?”

The FDD leader also charged that the increase in the number of robberies and burglaries is also a sign that the social order has broken down.

“Every day people are being brutalised, in Matero walking every evening has now become a security issue. This is now a crisis and someone needs to say something but unfortunately the President is silent,” she said.

Mrs Nawakwi said, “The economic situation is extremely depressing. It is now clear that the PF has failed to run this country. Universities are closed and people have no food. Maybe God wants to teach us a lesson that we should pray and reflect before we vote for our leaders.”

And Mrs Nawakwi says the FDD is not interested in entering into any political alliances ahead of the August elections because alliances do not work in Zambian politics.

“Even the history of Zambian politics points out to the fact that alliances don’t work. As FDD, we tried it out with the UDA, an alliance with UNIP and the UPND and you all know that story. There was also the PF and UPND pact and by now my brother Hakainde Hichilema would have been President but we all know how that ended and just recently there was the DF and Orange Alliance and we have not forgotten how it ended, we don’t want to waste or time on alliances,” Mrs Nawakwi said.

She also stated that the alliances that some political parties are entering into these days are mere endorsements.

“These are mere endorsements and i don’t know why people are getting excited. I cannot get excited over these endorsements because some of these endorsements are coming from people who have been evicted from their parties.”