I don’t want a contaminated party with corrupt individuals from other parties-Kabimba

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WMK 2Rainbow Party Secretary General and presidential candidate Wynter Kabimba says he does not want to run a contaminated party.

Speaking when he featured on radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk radio program Mr Kabimba said he will not run a party which is contaminated with corrupt individuals who keep moving from one political party to another for self preservation.

He said his party will neither allow individuals of questionable character in the public’s eye to join them nor will it accept any funding form any sources who he described as contaminated.

He said presiding over a contaminated party would simply mean that he is willing to run a contaminated government hence would not make any difference to the lives of the many poor Zambians who desire real change and not just changing the name of the party.

Meanwhile Mr Kabimba said if the statement attributed to Republican President that it was going to be difficult to control political violence was to by then it only meant that the president is either incompetent and can not control his cadres or he is the architect of the scourge.

“If the statement attributed to the president that he said that it would be very difficult to control political violence was indeed true and anything to go by then it only means two things, either the man is saying he is incompetent and he is failing to control his part functionaries together with the Central Committee or that he is the architect of the violence himself,” he said.

Mr Kabimba further said the peace talks organised by the Catholic Bishops was just an initiative in futurity as the country has not moved from square one as regards political violence.

He said the people that perpetrate violence and those that hold the power to stop the scourge have decided to ignore the good faith of the church and have continued doing the same things they are supposed to be preaching against.

He said the kind of insolence and impudence by those that perpetrate violence was frighting and that people should learn to respect decision such that of the clergy who are doing all they can for the sake of peace in the country.