I am over qualified for my job-Kaingu

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kaingu2Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu has stressed that those that are still questioning his Grade 12 certificate are malicious human beings.
Dr Kaingu said he is in fact over qualified for this job as Member of Parliament for Mwandi constituency and as Cabinet Minister.

He said he has several academic certificates such that he has even run out of space on his wall in his house to hang them on.

Dr Kaingu was speaking in an interview with Journalists after he conducted a guided tour of the Copperbelt School of Medicine in the company of his Namibian counterpart.

“I don’t understand why people are still making noise about my qualification even after that statement from the Examinations Council. They did confirm that in fact I don’t have a Grade 12 but that I have a full Form 5 obtained in 1972,” Dr Kaingu said.

“I have several vocational qualifications, in fact my wall is full now. In my family, we value education and we even compete on academic qualifications so it is malicious for people to continue doubting my qualifications,” Dr Kaingu said.

He added, “If you look at me, do you think I look like someone who is not educated? Have you ever seen a PHD holder who is not educated? If we are saying people without Grade 12 certificates, then we are segregating.”

Dr Kaingu said he is a firm believer that education is a lifelong activity which should not be capped at Grade 12.

He said people should allow the issue of his academic qualifications to rest because the ECZ has now offered guidance over the matter by releasing a matter confirming that he is dully qualified.