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rajAfter a few weeks of peace from Zambia Reports fabricating criminal lies against Dr. Rajan Mahtani, they have struck again alleging that that he is now ‘bank rolling’ one of the opposition parties alliance and continue with the audacity of alleging that he is also supporting certain individuals in the Government, in fact the entire political system?
If one reads through the ‘botched up’ article one can only conclude that the ‘smear campaign’ initiated by ‘faceless’ editors too scared to face the law use this special-purpose created social web (Zambia Reports) to advance their slew of corrupt activities to protect their ‘masters’ who have funded the entire website and indeed the faceless editors and conspirators with ‘stolen’ funds.
We have identified all of them but on several occasions have released some of the names for the benefit of the public to know how to face them. This website is hosted in Arizona under the name Go-Daddy, the nominee for James Kimmer, the Associate of Amsterdam and administered in Zambia by Sabwika Sikota S.C., and his associate Zaccarias Muya and they are no respecters of press freedom. The actions of Muya prompted by Sikota can be read in a judgement we obtained from the Courts of law (See here)
The entire illegal website is funded by Antonio Ventriglia, his wife Manuela Sebastiani Ventrglia and their three sons, Claudio, Daniele and Valerio. They use a Gomeli Litana for their ‘dirty corrupt work’ and evidence exists of his frequenting State House, Police Headquarters, offices of the DPP, Attorney General, Lands Department, Pacra and several other agencies. Allegations are fabricated by ‘figments of their imaginations’ to convince the authorities and general public to bring the name of Dr. Rajan Mahtani into hatred and ridicule as a ‘tactic’ to help the many cases against them which they are not prepared to defend through due process (if they are genuinely aggrieved)? They created and fabricated e-mails to convince the readers (as if they are gullible) of a non-existent ‘cartel’, of a slew of corruption allegations related to money laundering and fraud all of which were duly investigated by the authorities and found to be ‘ baseless and untrue’!
The authors of this criminality know that “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” This is the sole purpose of the conspirators setting up the web Zambia Reports

The law states that any person who, with intent to bring another person into hatred, ridicule or contempt, publishes any defamatory or insulting matter, whether by writing, print, word of mouth or in any other manner, is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years.

This is the law. Why are the Police failing to enforce it? Are they compromised to the extent that their loyalty should be doubted or are they receiving politically motivated instructions from those in authority that have been compromised?