Ignore Chishimba Kambwili on media regulation says UPND

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mbwiliUPND Central Province youth chairperson Milner Munakaampwe has called on Zambians to ignore Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili’s ‘rantings’ on his statement that the PF government intends to regulate the media.

In a statement Mr. Munakaampwe stated that Mr. Kambwili’s revelations that the PF government intends to regulate the media is an affront to the freedom of expression and a serious violation of the constitution.

“We call on all civilised Zambians to once more ignore Kambwili’s rantings, as he is known even within PF circles to just be talking nonsense. This is an eye opener as to how far the PF wish to limit our freedoms should they be given another mandate in the August elections,” Mr. Munakaampwe stated.

“Instead of ensuring that we have a supportive environment for a thriving and free media, Kambwili has plainly shown that he is an enemy of the fourth estate. Probably the only person who will listen to Kambwili is President Edgar Lungu himself, since he does nothing to stop Kambwili’s hate messages that seek to divide the country.”

Mr. Munakaampwe stated that civilised Zambians that understand democracy and the critical role the media plays must treat Kambwili’s new threats as another episode of comedy meant only for the theatre.

“Kambwili, along with the likes of Frank Bwalya and PF Deputy General Mumbi Phiri, are acting like hired guns bent on spreading hate messages, instead of promoting national unity and peace as their senior positions in the PF Government and leadership should demand,” Mr. Munakaampwe stated.

“What must be worrying to the nation though is that these are President Edgar Lungu’s close associates and advisors. This helps explain the kind of direction the country is now taking. These are the people on every radio and television station spreading derogatory remarks, hate speech, lies, libellous innuendos, and all sorts of accusations against other people, especially against the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and other leaders.”

Mr. Munakaampwe stated that at a time such as this one when the country was facing numerous economic challenges, such as the high cost of living, rising price of farming inputs, powercuts that have pushed businesses out of operation and massive job losses, the nation was expectant of positive and more reassuring messages of hope from them (PF) but that what they were doing was the complete opposite by further depressing citizens.

He stated that in other countries, Mr. Kambwili, Mrs. Phiri and Mr. Bwalya would by now have been banned from speaking on public and media forums, and possibly even prosecuted for hate speech.

Mr. Munakaampwe stated that they were lucky that Zambians have somehow gotten used to treating their contemptuous messages as filling the gap for comedy.

“To imagine that these are among the people with presidential ambitions shows how cheap and how much of joke the country has been reduced to even at the level of the Republican President. For them, Zambia is a theatre and they are actors busy entertaining everyone at the expense of priority issues affecting the people,” stated Mr. Munakaampwe.