UPND accuse Kambwili of using uncivilised language against HH

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mbwiliIt is now clear for all to see that our colleagues in the PF Government have completely abrogated the agreements of the political parties Indaba that called for civil political discourse. Information and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili has continued to rant and use uncivilised language against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and the party.
Clearly they have also continued to abuse the public media funded by taxpayers money, such as ZNBC, Zambia Daily Mail, and Times of Zambia.

These media houses have continued being used as tools of divisive sentiments and hatred, contrary to what was agreed at the political parties Indaba organised by the church.

Whereas space is freely give to the likes of Kambwili and his derogatory remarks against others, ourselves included, professionalism is thrown by the wayside when those being attacked or mentioned are not also given a platform to reply.

As was raised during the political parties Indaba, the trend has continued where the only time the UPND leadership is mentioned it is in negative terms, and we are not given the chance to share our side of the story or to respond.

This is also completely against the constitution, which clearly provides for media access for all stakeholders.

It is such violations that have the potential to undermine the upcoming election and raise levels of frustration among the people. We hope both the local and international community are closely watching and are ready to join us in pushing for fair coverage.

We cannot have a situation whereby we have to resort to requesting that these media houses and their sources stop mentioning the name UPND and our leadership altogether.

We might equally look at other ways such as litigation to compel these public media houses to abide by the provisions of the constitution and their own house rules, which are very clear on the matter.

There is a fair and easy way of doing things that will suit all parties, but pressure from the PF’s side on these media houses must now stop.

Charles Kakoma
UPND Party Spokesperson