George Mpombo disbands his party and joins UPND

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George-Mpombo-speaking-during-the-news-conferencePeople’s Democratic Party President George Mpombo has announced the dissolution of his party and joined the UPND.
Mr Mpombo said he is re-joining the UPND in order to contribute to the emancipation of the poor majority Zambians.

And in receiving Mr Mpombo, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said the party was humbled by the gesture.

“We are humbled to receive Mr Mpombo, who has decided to disband his party and re-join the UPND family. By way of a reminder Hon. Mpombo was the UPND’s first ever elected official as councillor shortly after the party was formed in 1998,” he said.

“He was later elected as Kafulafuta MP and served as Minister of Defence in the late Levy Mwanawasa’s administration. Equally humbling was receiving the support of senior citizens and freedom fighters such as Mr Bautis Kapulu, who was a member of the UNIP Central Committee and minister in the UNIP Government.”

Mr Hichilema said the UPMD is on a mission to unite the country by embracing all well-meaning Zambians that want to move our great nation forward and fix our broken economy.

“We continue to emphasise the need for UPND members countrywide to embrace the new members for the greater good of our nation. We cannot confront the enormous challenges we face as a nation if we are divided. It is clear that Zambians are yearning for a better Zambia in which our children can look forward to the future with hope and pride.”