‘Rupiah Banda convention’ remains illegal and Mutati remains expelled-Nevers

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liatoMMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba has maintained that it does not matter what the Mutati faction will do to try and legitimize what happened in Kabwe, but the that ‘Rupiah Banda Convention’ remains an illegality and Felix Mutati remains expelled from the MMD, as ratified by the Lusaka High Court.
Dr. Mumba said what transpired in Kabwe this weekend was just a circus and all the developments and resolutions passed at that gathering were not binding on the MMD of which he remains president.

In a press statement released on Saturday evening, Dr. Mumba said it is clear to all who have followed issues as they have developed in the MMD, that the destabilization of the party that started in 2012 soon after he beat Mr. Mutati, had been sponsored and supervised by Mr. Rupiah Banda.

He said it was unfortunate that Mr. Banda, whom he would have loved to remain as a retired statesman, had chosen to embarrass and expose himself by attending that illegal gathering and making the remarks that the gathering had ‘produced’ a candidate whom he wanted.

Dr. Mumba said, Mr. Banda had long been the shadow manipulating the challenges in the MMD and that the party had never been free of his influence since he ‘retired’ from politics.

He said the party is now relieved to bid the final farewell to Mr. Banda as he finally leaves the MMD to join Mr Mutati.