Lubinda is just a useless criminal-Tayali

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CT MANZambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has maintained that Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda is corrupt.

In a statement, Mr Tayali said Mr Lubinda is a corrupt man who is protected by a corrupt leadership otherwise he should be rotting in jail.

“I have said it many times, that I would rather be a prisoner of walls than a prisoner of conscious. I will not be intimidated by corrupt people. You can steal from Zambians because the system is covering you but I will not pretend that you are not criminals just because I am scared of judge,” Mr Tayali said.

“I have said it, that our courts will not be my conscious in as long as they are under corrupt politicians. I have not yet received the court documents, but I have read in the papers run by certified criminals that I have been sued for damages,” he said.

“What damages does Given Lubinda wants when he has done more damages to the Zambian people through the high prices mealie meal that poor people paid because of his corruption.”

Mr Tayali said he will spend not even a ngwee on Given Lubinda adding that if he has to go to jail for telling Mr Lubinda of the damage he had done to Zambians through corruption, so be it.

“I will also not stop to write about these corrupt people since all the institutions which are supposed to fight corruption are not doing their job making people like Lubinda to look like gentlemen yet they are criminals,” he said.

“I am talking to your (corrupt people) conscious to think of the sufferings you cause to others through your bad actions. You know I am not the criminal here, you are so why even ask for damages.”

Last week, Mr Lubinda dragged Mr Tayali to court for libel and defamation.

Mr Lubinda sued Mr Tayali for alleging that he intended to be United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema’s running mate.

According to a statement of claim filed in the High Court, Mr Lubinda claims that Mr Tayali caused the broadcast and publication of the defamatory words against him after he issued a press statement.

He argued that the said words were published online and on social media after Mr Tayali posted the said words on his Facebook account.

Mr Lubinda claims that Mr Tayali issued a statement which was titled “Lubinda positioning to be HH’s running mate and that another post titled ‘Lubinda eludes UPND, while Mulenga Sata plays fool’ was also published.

He further contended that the said articles were false, malicious and intended to injure his reputation.

Mr Lubinda also argued that, if not stopped, Mr Tayali will continue to publish and broadcast similar defamatory statements of his character.

Mr Lubinda claims for damages for libel contained in the article, damages for slander contained in the live press conference broadcast at Hot FM Radio on April 27 and general and exemplary damages for defamation of character.

He also claims for interest at the current commercial bank lending rates, an injunction restraining the defendant from further publishing or broadcasting the said similar defamatory words and any other reliefs which the court may deem fit and costs.