Nawakwi in verbal fight with ECZ Chief after FDD candidate reported late to file in papers

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Nawakwi-E3Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) presidential candidate Edith Nawakwi last evening stormed Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and told off Chairperson Esau Chulu.
Ms Nawakwi who was furious over the decision by ECZ to prevent FDD Mayoral Candidates from filing in nominations because they were late arrived after 18:00hrs at the Commission in Lusaka’s Longacres area.
She fought Justice Chulu in the car park and complained that her candidates were stopped from filing despite that they had arrived 15 minutes before close of nominations. She explained that the party had to raise nomination fees for the candidates hence the delay and asked the Justice Chulu to extend the filing in period.
But Justice Chulu refused and told Ms Nawakwi to appreciate that the Commission had even reduced the nomination fees.
He mocked the opposition leader by saying the candidates should have some change after the reduction of the fees.
Ms Nawakwi was annoyed and told Justice Chulu that he was not there to serve the people but his paymasters. She charged that Justice Chulu was going to preside over shame election.
Meanwhile the MMD suffered the same fate in Mansa after also failing to file their nomination due to logistical challenges which led to the candidate arriving at the civic centre late.