Male Presidents have failed Zambia-Nawakwi

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Nawakwi-E3FDD President Edith Nawakwi has charged that time has come for Zambia to try a female leader in State House because male Presidents have apparently failed to develop the country.

And Mrs Nawakwi has unveiled his presidential running mate, Dr Rev Clement Mwanza.

Speaking Wednesday afternoon when he successfully filed in her nomination papers, Mrs Nawakwi said most political parties ae now opting for female running mates because they have realised that Zambians now want women leadership.

She said the FDD is the most organised political party in the country and has proven most critics wrong who thought that a woman cannot lead a political party in Zambia.

“They used to call us nashalaneka party (a one-man party) but today they have feeling our presence. The multitudes we are seeing here today goes to show that we have people on the ground,” Mrs Nawakwi announced.

Mrs Nawakwi said the FDD is the only political party with a clear development agenda for Zambia.

She said the FDD believes in devolving power to the power and empowering local communities to take charge of their development through a clearly thought out decentralisation policy.

Mrs Nawakwi said another year of the PF in power will see Zambia degenerate to levels never seen before.

She charged that Zambia is now witnessing a break down in law and order and the social economic landscape has also recorded negative gains in the last few years of the PF.

Mrs Nawakwi also warned that the situation in Zambia is currently fertile for post-election conflict and called for more prayers to avert that.

At the same event, Mrs Nawakwi also unveiled the FDD’s candidate for the post of Lusaka Mayor, a Mrs Sirre Muntanga.

She also announced that the FDD has parliamentary candidates in almost all constituencies in the August elections.

Mrs Nawakwi who introduced her running mate Rev Mwanza to the crowd said only the FDD is providing fresh leadership with fresh ideas.
She further stated that a running mate should be the one with the energy to carry the party and the nation forward in an event that the President dies.

“Some of these running mates we are seeing today raises a lot of questions. What will happen if the President goes six feet under. Do they even have the energy to carry us forward? This is why we as the FDD are giving you fresh leadership and fresh ideas,” she said.

And Reverand Mwanza said he was grateful that the FDD leadership have given him a chance to participate in leading the party.
He said with his background in Theology and Community Development and Poverty reduction work, he is best suited to work side by side with Mrs Nawakwi and taking the FDD forward.

Meanwhile, UNIP’s Tilyenji Kaunda and his running mate Njekwa Anamela were the first to file in his nomination papers and promised a return to the ‘good days’ if UNIP is voted back into power.