STOP THE MADNESS!! Mahtani never had any dealings with Mossack Fonseca: Another Scoop of Ridiculous Lies & Total Fabrication Against Mahtani Exposed!!!

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rajThe obsession of the Zambia Reports publication with maligning the person of Dr. Rajan Mahtani makes the owners of the website look like retards. A gravely stupid concoction and fabrication has yet again been brought to the fore. This time, their libelous and ludicrous claim foolishly links Dr. Mahtani to the infamous Mossack Fonseca scandal which was exposed by international media a few months ago. What particularly makes this latest fabrication about Dr. Mahtani is that the criminals veiled behind the Zambia Reports are doing it even after all sane and informed citizens already know the characters mentioned to have connection with the said financial scam. It is on record that the said exposure makes no mention of Dr. Mahtani nor does it mention any of his close business associates or networks. This particularly makes the Zambia Reports look plain dumb and exposes their entrenched malice and longstanding vendetta against Dr. Mahtani.
Going by the comments on the said story as published by the Zambia Reports, it is clear that most Zambians perfectly understand that there is no truth in the article as usual. The whole undertaking is another failed attempt at defaming the person of Mahtani and brining him into public ridicule. This has not worked in the past and it is not about to work now. The abuse of conjecture by the criminals at Zambia Reports in defaming others is just common cause. They are known to concoct and injure those that their Italian mafia masters ask them to injure.
The said article makes a number of outrageously false claims. On a cursory glance of the article the following appear as falsies and fabrications:- Ashok Sancheti operates in Zurich and not in London. The article indicates that the company was incorporated on 19th December, 1996 was totally inactive and struck off on 19th August 1999. The article alerts viewers that “there are legitimate users of offshore companies and trusts. We do not suggest that the parties acted improperly. Many people and entities have the same or similar names. They also indicate that the Geneva client is Semely Conseil & Gestion SA. In clear terms, it is common knowledge that Mahtani or any entities under the Group of companies have no connection with this group at all.
In the final analysis, Zambians of good will must be reminded that the Ventriglia Mafias and their corrupt agents have once again concocted this article to, once again, damage the good name and reputation of Dr. Mahtani in satisfaction of their false and baseless accusations on a number of cases presently sub-judice in Zambia. We have instructed our attorneys in the UK, USA and Europe to obtain an explanation and appropriate apology from the parties involved in this scandal or face the wrath of the law.

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