Edith Nawakwi wants ECZ disbanded

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Nawakwi-E3FDD President Edith Nawakwi has demanded for the immediate disbandment of the country’s electoral board saying the ECZ has failed to run election in the country.
And Ms Nawakwi has called on politicians to put their selfish interests aside as the country is bigger than any politician or political party in the country.
Speaking at a media briefing the FDD President said the current political standoff was due to the ineptitude of the the ECZ saying due to the stubbornness and incompetence of the ECZ,today Zambia has no government.
She said all Commissioners should step and pave way for new people who can run the ECZ in a professional and efficient manner.
She said the current ECZ has failed to do its job of ensuring that elections are held in a free, credible and transparent manner.
She described the elections process as flawed and that the voters register was compromised as it had too many errors and that it was belatedly distributed to stakeholders who had no time to audit it.
She added that with the current leadership at ECZ as well as the existing electoral laws and regulations which she said are ignored with impunity, it is wishful thinking that Zambia will have free,fair, credible elections no matter the outcome of the presidential petition.
And Ms Nawakwi has called on the constitution Court to expedite the matter so that people can resume their normal lives.
Ms Nawakwi who expressed disgust at the laiserfaire attitude of people handling the case saying their are just interested in making money and are not interested in the lives being affected by standoff.
“While we fully appreciate the constitutional right of every citizen to seek legal redress when they are aggrieved,we appeal that national interest must prevail over personal ambitions. Zambia is bigger than any one of us politicians. In fact, Zambia is bigger than any political party,” she said.
She added that even if the elections were nullified it was a fallacy to expect a different result with the same referee (ECZ) officiating in the elections.
She described Easu Chulu as Diramba (a referee from Garbon who officiated in a game between Zambia and Morocco) who cannot be trusted to hold a free and fair as well as credible elections.