UPND does not need unsolicited advise on when to move on

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mumbiphiriThe opposition UPND says it does need unsolicited advise from any party to forget about the just ended elections and move on.
Percy Chanda the Party’s Chairperson for Labour said instead of advising their Party President to forget about the elections the parties should advise the people who stole their election victory that stealing is a crime.
Below is a statement as issued by the UPND.
It has become a habit for some Nashala Neka Parties (NNP) or Kantemba Kandi Parties (KKP) to be offering their so called advise to our Party President to forget about the last election and move on. Instead of your misplaced advice please be advised that we as UPND do not need your unsolicited advice.
Instead if you are genuine enough you should have advised those who stole our victory. In fact you should have gone further to advice those thieves that stealing is not only a crime but a big sin. Instead you now opt to attacking at an innocent person.
Surprisingly enough even those who preach the word of God are now saying that stealing is good, what a shame in our Christian Nation. This is what poverty can do, people lose their moral principles over 30 pieces of silver.
You must appreciate that HH is a God fearing man and as a Party we have been pushing him hard to see that justice is done. Some of you never even participated in the very sham elections you are championing. It’s clear to some of you who participated in the elections that you only did so to create confusion to assist thieves get away with our victory.
But be warned that UPND has men and women capable of standing up to any challenge. Our resolve to follow the right procedure should not be mistaken as a weakness, far from that. Stop harboring the notion that UPND is full cowards. We love and cherish the peace that this Country has enjoyed since Independence. Don’t push us too far. Respect our rights also in fact they say UULELILA TABAMUCEBA KUKANWA meaning if one is mourning the loss of a beloved one don’t pay attention to what he or she is saying. It’s also double punishment to beat a child and tell him or her not to cry.
The pain is in us, but if you are happy that Public workers are now reduced to beggars because they cannot be paid on time, it’s unfortunate for you and your Nashala Neka Party. Look at bigger picture for anytime you can end up in a Hospital where there is no medicine. If you can manage to buy medicine think of others who can’t. This is what UPND is all about; it’s about the suffering majority.
Percy Chanda
UPND: Chairman for Labour and Social Security