Stop washing dirt linen in public Mwanza tells Dr Canisius Banda

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Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has advised former United Party for National Development (FDD) Vice-President Dr Canisius Banda to stop washing dirt linen of his former Party in public.

Mr Mwanza said the mud slinging that Dr Banda has embarked on will only take away the respect and dignity that he has in the eyes of many Zambians.

He further questioned the motive behind disparaging the opposition party and its leadership after a fall-out.

He said the mud he is applying on the UPND is the same mud he was applying on himself when he was in the Party.

“Marriages end, people divorce, relationships end, people break up, jobs finish, people resign or get fired but it shows great maturity and honour if one respectfully closes the chapter and move on without tearing one’s former lover, former boss or former colleagues in public because people normally characterise such as nothing but sour grapes.”

“ The more you smear your ex-lover, your former boss or your former colleagues, the more you expose your own weaknesses, bitterness, sense of loss, and emptiness and envy. There is no need to be all salty,” Mwanza said

He noted that Dr Banda made a personal decision to leave UPND and it is undignified for him to unleash a smear campaign against his former party and his former colleagues.

“It takes away the respect from him because the very mud he is throwing at UPND today is the same mud he was applying on himself when he was in UPND. Please my brother stop it. People hold you in high esteem so don’t lower yourself to those levels,” Mr Mwanza pointed out.