State House warns HH and GBM, We will no longer tolerate their nonsense- Amos Chanda

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ACState House says they can no longer tolerate delusional, disgraceful and tyrannical leaders such as UPND leaders Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice Geoffrey Mwamba.

And the State has announced that decisive action will be taken on the duo (HH and GBM) for fanning hate speech and confusion in the state.

Briefing the media Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, announced that the state could no longer tolerate the criminal behaviour of the duo opposition leaders who had caused confusion by setting a campaign in Western, North Western and Southern Province spreading falsehoods that the International Criminal Court on the 15th November, 2016 would declare Hichilema President of the Republic of Zambia.

Mr Chanda announced that they were no cases filed against government by the duo in the ICC and ICJ but noted that the duo instead had been sued by private citizens from Namwala in the ICC for crimes against humanity.

Hefurthered revealed that they had received communication that an ample team of five investigators would be in the country soon to investigate the Namwala compliant.

He said Hichilema and Mwamba’s actions were not just regrettable but highly disgraceful.
“You can not declare yourself President after you write your own paper lie that it is ICC using a fake PVT and then you start causing tension, dividing the nation and causing violence….. These are criminal actions and Government will not tolerate this behaviour,” he said.

“The relevant authorities will move in, we had hoped their conscious would work on them but now relevant authorities have to move in. There is a country to run and protect. Those who break the law the law will intervene.”

He noted that Hichilema had no immunity from the law and since he had been acting like a criminal he would be treated as one.

“They are labouring under illusion…. Losing an election or being an opposition leaders does not give you immunity and because you are causing confusion, fanning violence the relevant authorities will definitely move in,” Mr Chanda warned.

Opposition leaders Hichilema and Mwamba have launched campaigns in Southern, Western and North Western provinces thriving on people’s ignorance announcing that Hichilema would be declared winner of the just ended elections by the ICC a court that that does not hear election petitions.

The duo’s campaign has excited some sort individuals who have hence resorted to rebellious behaviour which has caused violence in some communities.

Mr Chanda announced that President Lungu was committed to running a peaceful country and would thus not allow two individuals to stabilise the peaceful of the sovereign state based on lie.