Lungu’s fight against corruption is mere political rhetoric-UPND

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GBMUnited Party for National Development (UPND) Youth Affairs National Coordinator Kenny Ng’ona has branded as mere political rhetoric the statement by President Edgar Lungu that his ministers are corrupt, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

In a media statement, Mr. Ng’ona stated that he had given the President a 48hours ultimatum to fire all corrupt Government officials.

He expressed worry that the President has taken long to dismiss the purported already known corrupt Government officials according to his sentiment despite assuring the nation.

Mr. Ng’ona said the President have powers to dismiss anyone found wanting and it was imperative for him to immediately fire the people involved in corrupt activities since the people are already known according to his recent pronouncement.

He stated that the president’s delay in taking action on corrupt Government officials who are already known is a clear in indication that his sentiments were merely pronounced and he will not dismissed any one for corruption anytime soon under his administration.

Mr. Ng’ona added President Lungu’s failure to act on one thing simply means he will never act on anything where corruption is concerned as evidenced in the manner he is handling the issue of corrupt ministers and other Senior Government officials.

He further noted that the failure to fire fraudulent ministers immediately despite him having powers right in his hands it may cause some interested stakeholders to raise eye-brows with a lot of unanswered questions and some people may conclude that even the President is also swimming in the same waters with the corrupt individuals in public offices.

“It’s a lie that Edgar Lungu will fire his ministers that are corrupt, he said he knows them and will fire them soon. I gave the president 48 hours to see if at all he really wanted to do away with the conmen and crooks he was referring to be so corrupt in his government”

“What is making Edgar Lungu fail to do away with these crooks in his government? He told us that he knows them. Why keep corrupt people in your team? What will make us not judge you to be like them? Failure to fire them means that you are swimming in the same waters with them” Mr. Ng’ona said