I am not dead yet-Guy Scott

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SCOTT-PHONE-300x232Former Vice President Guy Scott has laughed off reports that he had died on Wednesday in New York where he had gone for an emergency medical operation.

In an interview, Dr Scott jokingly said, “Well, I am talking to you now, this means I never went from hell and came back. If I did, I was not going to be talking to you.”

He said a lot of people have phoned him inquiring about the news story appearing online that he had passed on.

Some online reports published unverified reports that Dr Scott had died this week whilst undergoing treatment in New York.

And Dr Scott’s wife Charlotte said her husband is enjoying good wife life.

She said, “Our phones are ringing non-stop with people asking whether the on-line rumours that my husband has passed away (in New York!) are true! They are not – he is safe and well, and in good health!”

She said, “The important fact is that human beings need news, and we all much prefer true and well-informed news. But if we cannot get the truth – because of censorship and State-sponsored propaganda – then people will be forced to consume fiction, with little alternative way of checking the truth.”

Dr Scott said Zambians are being subjected to ever-tightening state control of the press, thereby resorting to unverifiable sources for news.