Hakainde should have apologised to Chief Justice, JCC over cadres ‘protest

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OCT MANutspoken president the USELESS  Economic and Equity Party (EEP) Chilufya Tayali says opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema should have written a latter of apology to the Chief Justice and the Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC) as opposed to complaining about Judge Chitabo.

Mr Tayali observed that it is the duty of Mr Hichilema to take responsibility for the actions of the cadres at the Lusaka High Court.

He further castigated Mr Hichilema for his failure to recognise the need for an apology.

He also called on the Chief Justice and JCC to ignore Mr Hichilema’s letter and concentrate “more important matters.”

“I, therefore, think that the letters by HH to the Chief Justice and the Judicial Complaint Commission against Judge Chitabo are in bad faith and failure to accept the mistakes by the UPND in keeping law and order.

“If HH was a responsible leader, he should have written an apology letter to the Chief Justice and Judge Chitabo (through HH’s lawyers) for the fracas at the High Court. But, no, HH and the UPND are never wrong, it is Judge Chitabo who needs to be disciplined and not HH and his cadres.

He urged the Chief Justice and the JCC to ignore Mr Hakainde’s letter so that theyccould concentrate on other things more important and If anything, they should ask Hakainde to apologise and repair the damages on the Courts properties.

He said political parties should stop revolting when a judge rules against them as judges dispense justice in their wisdom.

“Of course others are compromised but Judge Chitabo has been very fair otherwise the UPND would have closed this case when the Attorney General applied that the case be be thrown out. They celebrated when Judge Chitabo ruled that the case should be heard, now they are throwing stones at the same Judge that he should recuse himself, just because he is trying to prevent anarchy,” he said.