Kambwili accuses O.P of threatening his witnesses as his disciplinary hearing is postponed

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mbwiliThe Patriotic Front Central Committee disciplinary hearing committee against Chishimba Kambwili has been rescheduled it to another day until his witnesses arrive in Lusaka.
And Dr Kambwili has claimed that his witnesses were intimidated and threatened, and licences for bus owners that intended to carry them, threatened with suspension by officers from the Zambia Intelligence Security Service (ZISS).

Dr Kambwili wrote on his Facebook page that “The disciplinary hearing that was meant to take place today has been postponed to Monday 16th January”.

“This is due to the fact that our witnesses did not manage to come from Luanshya because of rampant intimidation, the bus operators we hired to ferry them to Lusaka were called by suspected OP officials and they were threatened to say if you ferry those witnesses you risk having your licenses revoked, we made alternative plans which too got chopped by OP officials, they told the operators that their buses would be impounded with zero chance of them been released”.

“For this reason the witnesses could not show up to testify and we requested that the case be heard once all witnesses arrive,” he wrote.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila charged Dr Kambwili with a raft of charges that included accusing him of threatening Luanshya Mayor, Nathan Chanda.

Dr Kambwili is also charged with slandering the Luanshya Mayor who he has been publicly accusing of bewitching him.

He was given seven days in which to respond to the charges against him to which he responded by denying the charges.

The Central Committee has since been convened a disciplinary hearing to deal with the matter.