Siliya and Former State House Legal Advisor engaged in ILLEGAL SALE OF FRA MAIZE

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Ba doraDmwapeThe Zambian Intelligence News (ZIN) understands that Agriculture minister Dora Siliya and former State house legal advisor Darlingtone Mwape are engaged in the illegal sale of huge quantities of Maize under the Food Reserve Agency. According to a source Madam Siliya has repeatedly conspired with Darlington Mwape who has linked her to four illegal maize dealers who are given stock from the FRA for purposes of sale to some local millers. Under the said scheme, Siliya uses her government influence which sees her prevail over staff at FRA to release stocks of maize. The source has told ZIN that Darlingtone Mwape essentially plays the role of constantly meeting the said group of four fraudulent maize dealers on behalf of Dora Siliya. For purposes of cover, ZIN can exclusively reveal that Siliya has been using her son to collect money from the four fraudulent business men that meet with Mwape. The source went on to state that Darlingtone Mwape also happens to be a close associate of President Edgar Lungu with whom he is said to be undertaking all sort of dealings; however, that is for another report. Siliya is reportedly deriving huge sums of money from her maize deal corrpution with Darlingtone Mwape. On her return from the United  States of America where she was on holiday, Siliya is reported to have sent her son to do another collection of proceeds of FRA maize corruption from the mentioned four businessmen. In the next two weeks, Siliya and Mwape have planned to facilitate more release of FRA maize to the four fraudulent businessmen who have promised to sale it on both the Zimbabwean and South African market for greater returns. All this is being done at the expense of some poor  Zambians who are being denied the opportnuity to have cheaper access to their staple food on account of this deep seated corruption. Even against the background that President is likely aware of this corruption through intelligence briefings, it is highly unlikely that he will do anything about it beacause of his patently weak approach to governance. We shall bring you more regarding this story. For now, you are advised to treat Siliya like just another corrupt Lungu Minister.

One Response to Siliya and Former State House Legal Advisor engaged in ILLEGAL SALE OF FRA MAIZE

  1. The Private Sector Development should take a keen interest in buying maize at a reasonable price from farmers. The price FRA is buying maize from farmers is artificially to low so that deals like this one the Minister is involved in can be lucrative.

    Choongo Mulenga
    January 19, 2017 at 21:40