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zed repFirstly, the truth is that the criminals running the Zambia Reports have never dealt with truth at all. The very foundation on which Zambia Reports was built is one of total malice against certain individuals. At best, the criminals behind the publication ran out of ideas a long time ago and should have told their handlers and financiers that there is no more malice to concoct against the person of Rajan Mahtani. In a move that is obviously aimed at showing relevance to the cohort of rich criminals financing them, the mercenaries at Zambia Reports have opted to make malicious concoctions out of a normal bank facility that was extended to Lamasat. Without doubt, we all know that their target for the recent attack is none other than renowned business man Rajan Mahtani. Well, perhaps, this is a point the criminals at ZR are reminded that in business there are undertakings termed as obligations in contract. When you contract, you are obliged to make good the side of your obligation. In an article purportedly written by a fake ‘Evans Mulenga’ allegations are, once again, being made against Dr. Mahtani to skim around the issue and put the blame on Dr. Mahtani who has absolutely nothing to do with the pressure for settlement of Lamasat’s legitimate liability. All of this is rubbish. The question any sane Zambian must ask is whether there has been an outstanding financial obligation owed by Lamasat to Finance Bank. This style is common to the ‘ cartel gang’ who has been persecuting Dr. Mahtani for their illegitimate ‘gains’ still pending due process except for Odys who apologised profusely over the Radison Blue saga.
The position is very straight forward. Lamasat owes money to Finance Bank, defaulted in his undertakings and Bank of Zambia decided that the outstanding loans should be called in as Lamasat was delinquent. Lamasat made many promises knowing full well that they lacked seriousness and truth. They have now run to seek redress from our Courts (outside the norm) when they know that they have no case but want to play for time. Can you trust such a conglomerate? Does Zambia need such foreigners? Is this how they became a conglomerate? Now they have reduced themselves to pay Zambia Reports (known for their ‘hate’ for Mahtani and caused him damage which is being redressed by International Courts of Law) to call Mahtani a ‘convicted fraudster’! Is this not a shame and questions the credibility of Lamasat and indeed the Zambia Report and their ‘fake’reporter.
Lamasat and indeed Zambia Reports and their ‘fake reporters’ will face the day of reckoning and we pray that their souls will not rot in ‘hell’!