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AmosBy now, everybody who cares knows the sort of savagery vindictiveness that the Postnewspapers and its owners have suffered at the hands of Lungu and his clique of criminals. At best, Mr. Lungu seems to be on cloud nine. Albeit, this is all illusionary. The President of Zambia has continued to labour under an illusion borne out of his bitterness against the gallant Postnewspapers. The fact of the corruption that has permeated the judiciary all in an effort to fix Fred M’membe and the Post is undeniable. Lungu has literally reduced our court system to a tool that he can use to fix whosoever he wants to fix at any given point. And M’membe and the Post have fallen victim.
Today, Lungu only listens to those that have nothing but deep bitterness for Fred, but his days are numbered. Yes Lungu’s days are numbered. He will never be an eternal president of this country. In the not so distant future, Lungu and all those who have acted in tandem with him over the closure of the Post and the ignominy that M’membe and those around him have been subjected will be held to account. Today Lungu has got all sort of criminals and discredited characters such as Lewis Mosho doing all sort of dirty work for him but soon the day will come when he will be made to account and the impeccable truth will be laid bare. To imagine that political vindictiveness can lead a man to do what Lungu and his savages have done to the Post is just unfathomable. Lungu is a spineless wimp and coward who will soon be made to answer for the criminality that is being perpetrated under his hand and instigation. Veiled behind that humble demeanor that Lungu projects is patent evilness and political vindictiveness.
Further, it is good omen that Lungu and his tandem of criminals have poorly executed their ‘operation destroy M’membe scheme’. At every point, Zambians are being made to see the evil and arbitrariness that underlies the scheme. For instance, is it a coincidence that Sunday Nkonde is the guy who appointed the fraudulent provisional liquidator of the Post? This is particularly interesting given the thread of history that Nkonde has vis-à-vis obsession with closure of the Post. Is it a coincidence that Mosho continues to act in excess of the authority conferred on a provisional liquidator without any sort of supervisory guidance from the High Court. Lungu must know one old truth; those who live by the sword will die by the sword. The hard truth is that when the curtain finally falls on Lungu’s mediocre presidency, he must be brought before the law to give an account of his political abuses. Lungu will fall.