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kat and dDora Siliya is plain corrupt and playful. Like a few other courageous media outlets, ZIN is on record to have made revelations to this effect. Not so long ago, we reported about how Dora and former state house legal advisor, Darlingtone Mwape have fraudulently sold and continue to sale FRA maize using some four Lusaka brief case businessmen. To date, nothing has been done about this corruption in spite of the veracity of our story. This is disturbing. Again, the country was not so long ago awash with stories about how Siliya spent time having sexual intercourse in Las Vegas with Mubalama while army worms mercilessly damaged our crops. This was another disturbing episode. However, what aggravated this the most was the kind of feedback Zambians got from the minister in-charge of agriculture. She simply retorted that “ministry of agriculture is not Dora Siliya”. Really? Is this the kind of feedback that a responsible line minister can give in the light of a crisis involving her ministry? Again, we saw nothing done by Mr. Lungu. The president remained akimbo. The million kwacha question is, why the hell doesn’t Edgar Lungu ever act against the stupidity, playfulness and corruption of his ministers such as Dora? We need to know. Dora is a thief. One engaged in hardcore corruption at the Food Reserve Agency. Lots of maize has been stolen thus far and even the President knows by means of intelligence briefs. The kateka knows that she has been doing this with Darlington Mwape. But why won’t the president act? Is it because kateka still maintains a soft spot for his former law school class mate Darlingtone Mwape or is it on account of the theory that he is not entirely in-charge as certain people, including the likes of Siliya, were imposed on him by one Rupiah Banda. This needs to be answered. Our report on Siliya’s dealings at FRA came weeks ago and all the thieves involved know the amount of information that is in our possession. We are even capable of publishing the pictures of the four criminals that Dora and Mwape have used to sale maize if that is the only form of evidence that will appeal to Edgar Lungu. Zambians are suffering and they are suffering because a few thieves are being allowed to steal in collusion with a government minister.
There is no denying the fact that our kateka is a weak man. It seems that for him everything goes. Dora steals and goes scot free. Dora goes to play whilst duty calls and she goes scot free. Literally free like a bird. Here at ZIN, we shall not condone this bullshit. We shall do deeper exposes in the next few days. Look out for another article that details the matrix between Chola Kafwabulula, Darlingtone Mwape and Dora Siliya in the matter of FRA maize and the role of their four musketeers.