Dora Siliya cited Malawian Report on Maize corruption

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dora-siliya-meets-mike-tysonDora Siliya has been cited by the commission of enquiry report which was instituted in Malawi to investigate the transaction of maize between Zambia and Malawi, that she worked in collaboration with the now fired Minister of Agriculture in Malawi to sale maize at an exorbitant priceThe committee which was tasked to investigate the importation of maize by the Malawi government from Zambia “found that in his wrongful endeavour, Hon. Dr. George Chaponda was aided by the Zambian Minister of Agriculture who instructed her Permanent Secretary to issue Transglobe with a maize export permit for 50, 000 MT when Transglobe did not legally qualify for one on account of not being a registered taxpayer in Zambia.”

And opposition UPP leader Savior Chishimba says his party has started the process of assisting President Edgar Lungu to fire Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya.

Dr Chishimba who was warned and cautioned by the Anti-Corruption Commission on Wednesday for his role in the OYDC financial scandal when he served as Chairman commend the Commission for doing its very best under intense political pressure by the state to silence the press and political leaders by abusing the ACC.

Dr Chishimba commended Malawian President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika for the bold step he took to appoint a commission of inquiry as well as permit the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to freely investigate.

“We recommended that since the two presidents enjoyed the immunity, for now, let them fire the two ministers of agriculture as well as ADMARC and ZCF officials. We also recommended that criminal investigations should not be hindered by the two presidents.

President Mutharika has fired Dr. George Chaponda his closest ally. He has also suspended the management of ADMARC. President Lungu is doing the opposite – he is busy abusing the ACC to waste our time through baseless charges that are reminiscent of colonial times when freedom fighters were persecuted for fighting for their God given rights,” Dr Chishimba said.

“Ever since the UPP reported the K345 million maizegate case, with hard and indisputable evidence, to both the Zambian and Malawian investigative authorities, President Lungu embarked on an embarrassing smear campaign against the UPP leadership using a useless newspaper which is not even worthy to be used as toilet paper as well as through paid poverty-stricken stooges.”