Take the Mine if you want, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri dares FAKE DR. Bowman Lusambo

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bowman1Prophet Sheperd Bushiri has continued exposing the indignity and injustice of some of the Zambian government officials, this time targeting Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo.
During a live broadcast from his Pretoria Church, Bushiri slammed Mr Lusambo for calling on him to apologize to Religious and National Guidance Minister Godfridah Sumaili and others.
This was after Mr. Lusambo warned that Prophet Bushiri’s investment in an emerald mine on the Copperbelt would face revocation if he didn’t apologise.
But Prophet Bushiri said, “Close the mine if you want, I will never stop coming to Zambia.”
“There is nothing that the Zambian government has against or on me”.
Prophet Bushiri who appeared more angrier, said the Zambian authorities were persecuting men of God that had prophesied about the Country.
“Anyone who has been used to prophesy is being persecuted in Zambia. And they want to use government institutions”.
“Why are you using government, it’s being influenced by Bishops.”
Prophet Bushiri called on Mr. Lusambo to seek forgiveness from God for speaking against an “annointed Prophet”.
“Bowman Lusambo should ask for forgiveness from God and not from Bushiri”
Prophet Bushiri also warned that his followers would vote against the government of President Edgar Lungu
“But you must know that it’s the same Christians who(follow us) who will go to vote for you to be elected.”
Bushiri says he submits to Prophet Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy who was denied entry into Zambia a few weeks ago.
And in a message posted on his Facebook page, Prophet Bushiri’s Church dismissed the politicization of the issue in Zambia.
“Following the persecution of Christians in Zambia, the Major Prophet has raised his voice at the peril of his personal mining investments in Zambia. The Fearless General dismissed the politicizing of the statement that he made following the tabling of laws that will impede the preaching of the gospel in that nation,” it said.
“The Prophet spoke from his prophetic office describing the untoward behavior, rebuking the Minister spearheading the isolation and deliberate attack on the Christian faith, making restrictive laws that do not apply to other religious groups,” the message read.
He called for the immediate change of laws and spoke about exposing those that stand in the way of the gospel should they try to retaliate and even invited them to go ahead and revoke his Mining license.
Prophet Bushiri has since called on the relevant authorities not to allow the abuse of the Zambian Christian Community.
“Efforts have been made to frustrate the investments of the Major Prophet. The Prophet has declared that he will not stand by and watch people whose personalities are also questionable destroy and misinform the children of God. As a man of God, he made it very clear that he respects the legally elected President and is in no way an anti-government agent.”
The preacher who actually claims he was born in Ndeke, Kitwe in Zambia from Malawian migrant parents Huxley and Christina Bushiri who were based in Zambia.
He is married to Mary Bushiri.