President Lungu’s unguided outbursts against donors is worrying-Msoni

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kat and dAll People’s Congress Party president Nason Msoni says President Lungu’s unguided outbursts against Western diplomats (donors) is worrying and totally unjustified.
And the opposition leader has said that the politics being played by President Lungu are ancient politics which will back fire.
In a statement issued to the media, Mr Msoni said the country is worse off now than it was before the PF party took-over the reins of government.
He whilst President Lungu no-longer needs aid, the citizens desperately need it hence making his continued attacks against the donors highly reckless and myopic.
“This sovereign thing he keeps singing is not a new invention nor is it an enclosure for political mischief. Western diplomats in fact understand it a lot better than he probably does.
“Basically what they’re saying is that political stability must be sustained within the framework of the rule of law. It serves no ones interest to use the veil of the Judiciary to punish opponents.”
He said the mandate President Lungu got from Zambians was not for retribution on his local opponents but for uplifting the living standards of the people.
He wondered whether the there was more to the President’s public statements lately than meets the eye as his outbursts maybe pointing to a far bigger personal challenge than people may be thinking which might possibly require urgent medical attention.
“It maybe prudent to suggest that he be subjected to assessment to ally any fears or indeed legitimate concerns and also to reassure the Zambian public that the President is still enjoying a sound mind and can continue to discharge his duties as normally.
“From our stand point of view his statements are betraying his own position as the custodian of our peoples welfare. If aid is withdrawn what will happen to the ordinary citizens whose longevity is subject to a constant supply of donor funded medications.”
And Mr Msoni has said that the politics of no mercy which he alleged President Lungu to be practicing may be fire in future.
“The serious misjudgment to attack western diplomats is born out of increasing frustration that they all appear to be telling him to do the right thing. We think that the most difficult decision is to continue ignoring and defying common sense. A time to cage opponents who have committed no wrong belong to the past. The world is crying out for Justice and he must heed that call and do the decent thing.
“Politics of no mercy always have a tendency to backfire and bounce back right in your face.When your turn comes around similarly expect no mercy. It will be tit-for-tat,” said the opposition leader.