I have suffered harassment due to PF presidency talk-ZCCM-IH Chief Kasolo

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piusZCCM-IH Chief Executive Officer Pius Kasolo has alleged that he has suffered harassment after reports emerged that he will be challenging President Edgar Lungu for the PF presidency before the 2021 elections.
Dr Kasolo also claimed that he has been put in a position that makes him appear hostile to the ruling party, the Patriotic Front.

This is according to court documents filed in the Lusaka High Court on May 31st 2017 by Dr Kasolo.

Dr Kasolo has sued the Daily Nation for an article dated February 23rd 2017 titled Team Pius Kasolo which he said was in direct reference to him.

He said the article falsely stated and imputed among other things that he had political ambitions to take over the Patriotic Front.

Dr Kasolo also stated that the article was stated that there was ‘a community who believed that the goals and beliefs of the Patriotic Front were (are) well embodied in him’ when in fact not there existed no such community.

He said there was no factual evidence to show that he had any political ambitions to take over the leadership of the PF as alleged, a matter he said the author know or ought to have known.

Dr Kasolo said being a person of professional public standing, he has suffered harassment and unnecessary questioning on whether he is challenging the leadership of the Patriotic Front.

The ZCCM-IH Chief said the article has wholly affected his professional integrity and standing in and out of the country.

Dr Kasolo said the article has caused him stress, mental anguish, fear and isolation.

He said the Daily Nation has since refused, ignored and or neglected to apologise publicly on the terms given by the Plaintiff.

Dr Kasolo is now demanding damages for malicious falsehood, exemplary damages, interest on all sums, costs and any other relief the court may deem appropriate to award in the circumstances.