President Edgar Lungu to have an on the spot look at asylum seekers in luapula province

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edgar-InongePresident Edgar Lungu is expected in Nchelenge District in Luapula Province with humanitarian agencies to have an on the spot check of the asylum seekers at Kenani refugee transit centre.

President Lungu is expected to visit the refugee transit centre along with the humanitarian agencies so that together they can scale up intervention measure to refugees entering Zambia on a daily basis.

The President is concerned that the situation concerning refugees might degenerate into a humanitarian crisis if no intervention measure are taken.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda confirmed the President’s visit to the district to Journalist at Kenani Refugee Transit Camp in Nchelenge District today.

Mr. Chanda said the head of state will arrive in the district for his schedule in the morning and return to Lusaka immediately he concludes his scheduled program.

“The President is arriving in Nchelenge tomorrow. He is travelling with different humanitarian actors, the UN, UNHCR and other agencies to come and have an on the spot check on the conditions pertaining to the situation of the refugee crisis,” explained Mr. Chanda

Mr. Chanda stated that the president wants to urge the international community to do more on their interventions to prevent the refuge situation especially during this rain season.

Mr. Chanda said the President is concerned with the conditions of the refugees especially during rain season stating that he will come with medical supply and other things for asylum seekers who are being kept at Kenani camp to avoid any outbreak of diseases associated with large movement of people.

He said the heads of states of the great lakes region are already seeking solutions to the political problems facing Congo DR and the people who are seeking asylum not only in Zambia but also in other neighboring countries.
He said the president is aware that the refugee situation is getting worse every day because the number of asylum seekers entering Zambia per day has kept increasing which may lead to a humanitarian crisis.

He said the president wants the humanitarian agencies concerned with the welfare of refugees to scale up their efforts to forestall the situation before it degenerate into a crisis.

And Commissioner for Refugees Abdon Mawere said currently government is providing basic needs to asyrum seekers and was happy that the head of state was coming to see the extent of the problem concerning refugees.

Mr. Mawere said food, shelter and water is being given on a daily basis but noted that the numbers of refugees are fast increasing which he said requires a solution urgently.

Over 5,800 asyrum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo have entered Zambia through Chiengi border running away from civil war resulting from the political tension necessitated by the incumbent President who has refused to step down and call for an election after his term of office expired over a year ago.

Leaders of the great lakes region met recently in Congo Brazzaville with view to find solutions but the outcome of the meeting remains to be seen.